American Cancer Society Reports Prostate Cancer Resurgence and Disparities

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Earlier this month the American Cancer Society released the Cancer Statistics, 2023. The good news for the U.S. is overall cancer mortality has dropped 33% since 1991. The bad news for American men and their families is prostate cancer is the exception. Prostate Cancer diagnosis and death rates are on the rise.

According to the American Cancer Society prostate cancer is “…the leading cause of cancer death for men in the U.S”. After two decades of a decline, prostate cancer increased by 3% per year from 2014-2019. The American Cancer Society also noted that advanced-stage prostate cancer diagnosis has increased by 4% to 5% annually and the proportion of men diagnosed with distant-stage disease has doubled since 2011.

The ACS release included details on their plan to launch an initiative that addresses the prostate cancer resurgence and racial health disparities. Dr. Karen E. Knudsen, chief executive officer at the American Cancer Society stated, “In order to end cancer as we know it, for everyone, it is imperative for us to focus on cancers where trends for incidence and mortality are going in the wrong direction.” 

The chief scientific officer at the American Cancer Society, Dr. William Dahut added, “We must address these shifts in prostate cancer, especially in the Black community, since the incidence of prostate cancer in Black men is 70% higher than in White men and prostate cancer mortality rates in Black men are approximately two to four times higher than those in every other racial and ethnic group.”

ACS will launch IMPACT: Improving Mortality from Prostate Cancer Together to address the disturbing trends in prostate cancer. The initiative will mobilize ACS resources across advocacy, patient support, and research. In addition, IMPACT programs will expand patient prostate cancer screening, patient care, and public policy advancement steered to reduce the burden of prostate cancer on American men and their families.

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation has provided education, screenings, and patient navigation to Arkansas men for over 20 years. To address the recent shifts in prostate cancer diagnosis and racial health disparities APCF remains committed to providing our services free of charge to Arkansas men of all demographics.

In addition to our ongoing services, APCF strengthened efforts to reduce the impact of prostate cancer in the Black community for 2022-2023. Our 2022-2023 and future efforts include targeted education and screening events throughout the state with an emphasis in the Arkansas Mississippi-Delta region.

Our organization is proud to work in collaboration with Arkansas state agencies, hospitals, medical clinics, medical professionals, and local community organizations in our initiative to decrease advance stage prostate cancer diagnosis and provide the highest quality of support to those diagnosed with prostate cancer. Community partnerships are imperative for APCF’s goals, for Arkansas men, to be achieved.

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