Dwight’s urologist decided to do a biopsy. There was no doubt – it was prostate cancer.

Survivor Stories: Dwight Moore

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It started with high blood pressure – approximately 191/90! Who expected this to lead to a prostate cancer diagnosis?

Dwight Moore, a Little Rock resident, was 58 years old in 2017 and in great health. He rode his bicycle frequently, maintained a balanced diet and had regular checkups with his primary care physician (PCP). He was doing everything he thought he was supposed to do.

In April 2017, Dwight participated in a community health screening thanks to a friend working at the Arkansas Department of Health. He was planning a bike ride following the health fair, however, it was during this event that he received the high blood pressure numbers. The medical professionals in attendance strongly encouraged him to go to the emergency room; instead, he went home and checked his blood pressure again. It was still high, so Dwight went to an urgent care clinic.

At the clinic, they prescribed medication to treat his elevated blood pressure – and the doctor encouraged him to see his PCP.  Dwight scheduled an appointment and in reviewing his test results, learned he had an elevated PSA (prostate-specific antigen) of 5.8.  This time, he was told to see a urologist.

Dwight’s urologist conducted a DRE (digital rectal exam) and was not terribly concerned but decided to do a biopsy. There was no doubt – it was prostate cancer.

Dwight was very familiar with prostate cancer – his father, two older brothers and a brother-in-law were diagnosed. His younger brother was recently diagnosed at age 48. There was no question there would be surgery.  “I wanted the cancer out as soon as possible,” said Moore.

On August 15, 2017, Dwight had surgery, which went well.  He had a catheter for a while but overall his health continued to improve. He did not have any side effects or experience any problems following surgery. And, 28 days after the catheter was removed he was on his bicycle again.

Dwight is three years past his prostate cancer diagnosis and surgery. He continues healthy habits like riding his bike as often as he can and has his PSA checked every six months. 

Dwight is clear that no one should die from prostate cancer and he recommends that ALL men:

  1. Know your number
  2. Know your family history
  3. Stay in shape and make healthy choices

Dwight is very active in promoting prostate cancer awareness and education. He speaks to groups and, in 2019, along with the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, participated in the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) through the Department of Defense in Washington DC.

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