Patient Help

If You Are Facing A Possible Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer …

… you are not alone.  You will have many questions and concerns about your health.  You may need help finding answers and accessing the resources you need.  The APCF is here to provide Patient  Support every step of the way.  We want to make sure you get the best care possible.

Navigating the Confusing World of Prostate Cancer Care

The Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation offers the following support services to men and their families:

Patient Navigation

The APCF has on staff a trained “navigator” to provide one-on-one guidance to you as you face a possible diagnosis of prostate cancer.  The purpose of patient navigation is to eliminate barriers to health care.  Our Patient Navigator knows the system, the community and makes sure you get the resources and support you need to make decisions based on your unique needs.  The Patient Navigator can help you from identification of a suspicious finding on a prostate cancer screening through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

What does the Navigator do?

  • Answers your questions
  • Helps you understand prostate cancer screening results, diagnosis and treatment options
  • Maintains open communications with you and your family members
  • Talks to your healthcare providers
  • Helps you find follow up services
  • Coordinates care
  • Helps you make and keep appointments
  • Helps you find financial support and other needed resources

Call us at 501-379-8027 or 1-800-338-1383 and speak to our Patient Navigator Cara Clements.  [Or, if you prefer, email her at – let her know what time is best to contact you.

 Peer Network

The most important thing to remember when you are facing prostate cancer is that many others  have dealt with the same issues that you and your family now face.  Prostate cancer survivors have knowledge, insight and will offer encouragement that can be very helpful to you.  By the way, we define a “Survivor” as anyone battling prostate cancer, the man who is diagnosed and his partner, friend or caregiver.  Survivorship begins at diagnosis and continues through treatment and beyond.

In order to provide a private and confidential settings for survivors to talk openly about prostate cancer-related issues, the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation sponsors support groups in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Conway and Jonesboro that meet once each month and a support group in Ft. Smith that meets weekly.  Together these groups are known as the Peer Network.  In the support group meetings survivors join forces to handle all aspects of prostate cancer from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.  Participants communicate concerns, ask questions, share knowledge and bild friendships to help you through the journey.

The mission of the Peer Network is to empower and reassure survivors.  In order to view the most listing of meeting dates and times, please visit the calendar… or call us for more information.

Survivor Mentors

As a part of the APCF Peer Network, we offer one-on-one access to a network of individual Survivor Mentors.  Survivor Mentors are men and women who have weathered the prostate cancer journey and who are trained to encourage others and help them find resources.  If you would like to speak with a Survivor-Mentor, please call or email us.