No Shave November

What is the No Shave November Campaign all about?

“No Shave November” is a fun yet impactful way to show support for prostate cancer survivors, for prostate cancer awareness across the entire state, and for the mission of the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Men of all ages across Arkansas are encouraged to take part in the event either individually or as part of a competition within their respective workplaces.  Many companies will conclude November with a special event to recognize those within their organizations who are taking part in the campaign.  Women – take part by motivating your male family members and colleagues to participate – you can handle it for a month!

 Where does the funding go and what is it used for?   

All monies raised go to the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, the only statewide fully staffed foundation devoted solely to prostate cancer in the country.  No Shave November will not only raise awareness of the risks of prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among American men, but will also provide monies that  support free awareness and educational programs, free prostate cancer screenings and free one-on-one patient assistance through  the APCF’s patient navigation program.

No Shave for Individuals

Step 1:  Shave on October 31st.  Then put your razor on the shelf.  Get your picture taken.

Step 2:  Post your freshly shaven November 1st mug on our Facebook page with the tag #APCFNoShave under your name.  Update your progress often!

Step 3:  On December 1st take a picture of your beard and post on our Facebook page.

Step 4:  Get your friends and family to “like” your beard.

Consider your donation to APCF and ask family and friends to make a donation in your name.

If you wish to Donate in support of our work, please click the button below.

If participating as a group, here are some suggestions:

  • In Mid-October, start talking about No Shave November to friends, family and co-workers, ask the men in your office, social or church group to not shave in November for a great cause
  • Use the sign-up sheet to get a commitment to participate in No Shave November and keep track of everyone who has made a donation
  • Select a minimum per-participant donation amount ($5, $10, $20, $50) for those in your group
  • Select a specific person in your office, business or group to collect and secure all money received
  • See below for suggested fun office competition ideas for your group
  • Ask group members to post progress pictures to social media under #APCFNoShave
  • Check with your company to see if they have matching funds
  • During the week of December 4th make arrangements to get all donations to the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, 1910 N. Grant St. Suite 1-A, Little Rock, AR 72207

No Shave November Suggestions

Suggestions for No Shave November Groups:

  • Shave on October 31st, take your picture and post on social media using #APCFNoShave
  • Do weekly picture postings to show your progress
  • You can have awards at the end of November

Suggested categories for Awards:

                      Best Beard

                      Most Manly

                     Really, there is hair on your face?

                     Or you can make up your own category

  • Have your office or group vote on each man by category
    • Sell vote ballots for $1.00 each ($10 = 10 voting ballots)
    • Voting often & stuffing the ballot box is encouraged
  • For Fun Auction off the beards: After 30 days of a beard, it could be time to shave.
    • Allow your co-workers, friends, family to place bids on the beard. Highest bid wins and gets to tell the bearded one how to shave his beard and he agrees to wear the style for one day

Remember – it’s all for a great cause, and a way to have fun!

All funds raised will help support the Foundation’s free education, screening and patient support services all over Arkansas.

Also, check with your company to see if they have matching funds.

Make arrangements to get all funds raised to the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation office located at 1910 N. Grant Street, Suite 1 – A, Little Rock AR 72207

Contact APCF at (501) 379-8027 or e-mail Ryan Miller at  if you would like materials such as sign up sheets and further suggestions on how to make this a fun event for all.