About Us

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation - Here to HelpSix community leaders who were prostate cancer survivors and a Medical Advisory Board of physicians from around the state formed the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation (“Foundation”) in 2000.  Realizing that a significant lack of information was available regarding prostate cancer detection and treatment, the Foundation’s leaders sought to increase public awareness of the disease, especially among those who face healthcare disparities. The Foundation believes that access to information and treatment should be available to all men in Arkansas.  The Foundation is the only statewide organization to have a paid staff dedicated entirely to prostate cancer awareness, education, timely detection, and survivorship.  Currently, the Foundation’s Board of Directors, consisting of members of the Arkansas community, and the Medical Advisory Board, predominantly consisting of physicians, establish the policies that the Foundation’s full-time staff of six team members and hundreds of volunteers fulfill by successful program implementation.

The Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness, encourage timely detection, and support improved treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas.  The Foundation implements this mission by sponsoring awareness campaigns, conducting public education, survivor support groups, and screening programs throughout the state.  The Foundation’s Prostate Health Resource Center in Little Rock serves as an ongoing source of information for prostate cancer survivors and healthcare professionals.  Also, the Foundation has an on-staff a Patient Navigator who provides decisional and resource support to any man with a suspicious finding from a prostate screening.   The Foundation’s Peer Network of support groups allows men and women to share their experiences with prostate cancer, ask questions and gain knowledge on issues of diagnosis, treatment, and survival.  Survivor-Mentors, are also made available to offer one-to-one support in all areas of the state through a toll-free telephone number (1-800-338-1383).