Support Network

Prostate Cancer Support Network

Meetings Sponsored By:
     When: Third Tuesday of Every Month
6:00 – 7:30 PM(Starts March 20, 2018)
     Where: American Cancer Society- 1st Floor, 901 N. University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72207

About the Group:

The monthly Prostate Cancer Support Network meetings will feature an educational presentation by a healthcare professional followed a private and confidential period for frank talk about prostate-cancer related issues. In these meetings survivors and their partners, friends and caregivers join forces to handle all aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Participants are free to communicate concerns, ask questions, and share knowledge. A “Survivor” is anyone battling prostate cancer, the man who is diagnosed and his partner, friend, or caregiver. Survivorship begins at diagnosis and continues through treatment and beyond.

For more information please contact the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Patient Navigator, Cara Clements at 501-379-8027 or via email.