No Shave November

What is the No Shave November Campaign all about?

“No Shave November” is a fun yet impactful way to show support for prostate cancer survivors, for prostate cancer awareness across the entire state, and for the mission of the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Men of all ages across Arkansas are encouraged to take part in the event either individually or as part of a competition within their respective workplaces.  Many companies will conclude November with a special event to recognize those within their organizations who are taking part in the campaign.  Women – take part by motivating your male family members and colleagues to participate – you can handle it for a month!

Beard Season for Individuals

Step 1:  Shave on November 1st.  Then put your razor on the shelf.  Get your picture taken.

Step 2:  Post your freshly shaven November 1st mug on our Facebook page #NoShaveAPCF under your name.

Step 3:  On December 1st take a picture of your beard and post on our Facebook page.

Step 4:  Get your friends and family to “like” your beard.

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