Jerry Jett

Article Originally Published in the October 2017 edition of Premiere

by Richard Brummett  Read full Article Here.

Jerry Jett was a UPS driver for 25 years, a job that required a yearly
physical exam. In 1998 a biopsy was ordered on his prostate gland
but nothing showed up, even though his PSA had risen. By 2006,
With the PSA rising again, his doctor ordered another biopsy and found
“It was in the early stages, and not real aggressive,” Jett said. “But I
told the doctor, ‘It doesn’t belong in there, let’s get it out.’ That required
major surgery, and it takes a while to recover, but by that time I wasn’t
driving any more and had gotten into real estate.”
Dealing with cancer convinced Jett not to stay on the sidelines but
to step to the front, hoping to make other men aware of the need for
consistent exams and to inform them as to the types of support groups
that are available to them. He will have been on the Board of Directors
for the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation for six years in January,
and his is a frequent face at area health fairs.
“I try to give back something by being on the board, plus I work with
the health fairs here in the Northeast corner of Arkansas,” Jett said.
“And we have a peer group in Jonesboro that meets the first Thursday
of the month at the Area Agency on Aging at 303 E. Matthews. Whether
they are early diagnosed or are having a little bit of an issue with it, it
helps them work through. Maybe someone will have a little different
way of dealing with it that can be helpful.
“We have set it up for the male and the spouse,” he continued. “The
woman is definitely a part of everything involved in their health care.
That’s why we incorporated them into the peer group. When it comes
right down to it, the woman typically sets up the appointments for
the husband. She’ll tell you you’ve got an appointment with Doctor
so-and-so tomorrow and the next morning remind you it’s already set
up for you. A few have even administered a swift kick in the pants to
get things moving.”
Jett said he simply encourages all men to be wary of changing health
situations and be vigilant in seeing their doctors and following up on
their advice. “I’m proof you can beat this thing,” he said.
For more information about Prostate Cancer, visit www. or call (501) 379-8027.